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The GSA is a radio antenna which can be deployed in the field which allows for some radios to be connected. Doing so will increase the transmit power to 20 W and improves the quality of the transmission due to the increased height of the antenna, generally resulting in an improved quality over range.

The ground spike antenna supports the following radios:

  • AN/PRC-77
  • AN/PRC-117F
  • AN/PRC-148
  • AN/PRC-152
  • SEM 70

The VHF30108 GS or Ground Spike (ACRE_VHF30108SPIKE) can have the VHF30108 Mast (ACRE_VHF30108MAST) mounted on afterwards which combines it into VHF30108 GSM or Ground Spike with Mast (ACRE_VHF30108). GSM can also be separated back into Ground Spike and Mast for easier carrying.