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ACRE2 offers the possibility of using radios in other player’s inventory. To do so, the player has to first allow the external use of the radio by “sharing” it: self-interaction, select the radio to be shared and finally choose the option to share the radio. In this mode, you can still access the radio and send/receive transmissions. However, facing a unit with a shared radio and interacting with it, allows taking the headset: you will be able to then use the radio externally (change frequencies, send/receive transmissions, …). From here, you can either return the headset or give it to another unit. The actual owner of the radio is not able to hear nor send any sort of transmissions from this radio in the current implementation.

As a radio owner you can also give the headset of any shared radio in your inventory. To do so, face the unit you want to give the headset to and interact with it. The option of giving the radio will appear. The headset cannot be retrieved unless the other player decides to do so.