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The AN/PRC-77 is a portable VHF FM manpack radio first introduced in 1968 during the Vietnam War. It served as the primary squad-level radio for US troops up to and including the Gulf War, after which it was phased out by the AN/PRC-119 SINCGARS system.

Video Guide

Basic Operation


AN/PRC-77 Interface

The Radio Interface is opened using the ACRE 2 Open Radio Interface key (default ALT + CTRL + CAPSLOCK). Unlike the other combat net radios in ACRE2, the PRC-77 is an analogue device without any menus or screens or keypads.

Function switch

This is the primary function switch of the radio; it has five settings:

Setting Function
OFF Turns radio power off
ON Turns radio power on
Squelch Enables 150 kHz subtone squelch
Retrans Enables retrans mode
Lite Momentarily lights up the frequency display

Volume switch

Sets the receive volume of the radio. Left click to increase the volume, right click to decrease the volume.

Tuning knobs

Two knobs, one for 1 megahertz increments and another for 50 kilohertz (0.05 MHz) increments. The selected frequency is shown in the channel dial. Holding shift while clicking either of these will increment the selected knob by 5 steps.

Upper/lower frequency band switch

This switch toggles between the upper and lower frequency bands that are available. The lower, default, position lets you tune the radio to frequencies from 30.00 MHz to 52.95 MHz, and the upper position is for the 53.00-75.95 MHz range.

Preset buttons

You can save two presets on the PRC-77 by using the two buttons above each tuning knob. Right-click on the button to save the preset, and left-click to recall it.

Mision Editor Information

Classname: ACRE_PRC77

Note: The AN/PRC-77 is a manpack/backpack radio and as such unit’s require a backpack for the radio to be added to their inventory.