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The BF-888S is a low cost portable UHF radio with range of up to 5km in ideal conditions. It has 16 programmable channel presets.



BF-888S Interface

The BF-888S interface is extremely simple, consisting of only two dials.

Volume Dial

The right-hand dial sets the radio volume.

Channel Dial

The left-hand dial sets the radio channel, from 1 to 16 as programmed.

Mission Editor Reference

Adding radio to unit/object cargo inventory space

Class name: ACRE_BF888S

Can be added using the following methods.

To a unit’s inventory:

To an object’s cargo inventory:

Channel Preset Data Fields

Field name Description
frequencyTX Transmit Frequency
frequencyRX Receive Frequency
CTCSSTx CTCSS Transmit Code
CTCSSRx CTCSS Receive Code
Modulation Modulation (AM / FM)