ACRE2 community now lives together with ACE3. Head over to ACE3 Slack and join the '#acre2' channel!

Join ACE3 Slack here!

In light of recent developments in IDI-Systems and relatively low public activity on the ACRE2 Slack workspace, we have decided to fully internalize it. One of the goals is to consolidate the ACRE2 community together with ACE3, which shares a long history with us and already hosts majority of the ACRE2 users in a great knowledge-sharing environment.

With this in mind, we expect most will not be impacted by this move. Old Slack will be locked and all external accounts deactivated in 2 weeks of this posting. Further collaboration talk in form of private channels will continue on the ACE3 Slack, currently active ones will transition as well.

Thanks everyone for understanding and we hope to see you over in #acre2 on ACE3 Slack. Special thanks to the rest of the ACE3 Team for providing a great place to share knowledge and develop new and interesting systems for Arma!