ACRE2's new documentation is live and open for contributions!

You are viewing ACRE2’s new documentation website. All resources from old pages are consolidated here. You can read into user and radio guides, learn how to expand your work with ACRE2’s APIs and frameworks and even help in expanding this documentation or join the development of now open-source ACRE2.


In the future, we will be adding automatically generated such as Class Names and Public Functions List, and also further expanding the documentation on existing features, functionalities and frameworks.

ACRE2 Slack will also become available to the public very soon! A self-invite will be available from the menu on top, under “Contact”.


Anyone can contribute to the ACRE2 documentation. It is entirely open-source and available here. Every page also contains an “Edit Me” button that will take you directly to the source file of the page you are on.

Many communities out there use ACRE2’s features and functionalities in their own way, contribute to the official documentation to consolidate and share information with the rest of the community!